How can friends and family support foster carers?

How can friends and family support foster carers?

If you’re thinking of fostering, you may wonder what role friends and family play within the household. Are they able to step in and get involved with the children? What does this support look like?

At Foster Wales Blaenau Gwent, you’re never on your own. Our team will be available to support and encourage you at every step. You’ll also have access to a range of support groups, where you’ll meet other foster carers. This will give you the opportunity to talk, listen and share your experiences. 

However, staying connected is key and many foster carers will have access to their own support networks made up of friends and family. These personal connections can be really important to foster carers and looked after children when accessing emotional and practical support. So, let’s look at some of the ways your friends and family will play an important role in your fostering journey.

Being there at short notice

As a foster carer, having someone to rely on at short notice is essential. If there is an emergency or an unplanned event, having someone to rely on can put the whole foster family at ease.

Helping children to feel part of the family

Foster Wales Blaenau Gwent foster carers do everything they can to help children looked after feel part of the family. So, when friends and family also get involved, it’s a chance to build new friendships for the child. The more positive role models a child has, the greater the impact on their self-esteem and their own sense of identity.

Emotional support

Emotional support is crucial and as a foster carer, friends and family being there for them is something they value the most. This could be as simple as a reassuring ear on the end of the phone after a difficult day. Some carers have even received a home cooked meal dropped to their doorstep.

Physical support

For our foster carers, having a support network is crucial, especially when they are able to provide short respite care. For example, many of the younger adults in our fostering families say they get involved by taking children out for the day. For lots of children, homework can be a struggle. So, when a friend offers to help foster carers are incredibly grateful.

Is your family ready to foster?

Making the first step towards foster care can sometimes feel daunting, but we make sure it’s as easy as possible. Get in touch today and we’ll provide an information pack, along with any other additional information you might need.

How can friends and family support foster carers?

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