fostering in blaenau gwent

working together to build better futures for local children

fostering in blaenau gwent

We believe in working together to build a better future for all the children in our local area.

We’re Foster Wales Blaenau Gwent, part of the national network of 22 Welsh Local Authority fostering services.

Fostering is about making a difference to a child’s life, to enable them to reach their full potential. We work hard to provide a high quality service to children and young people by providing our wide range of foster carers with all the training and support needed to meet their needs.

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"Thanks to my foster carers for making me the man I am today."

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thinking about fostering?

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who can foster?

Almost anyone is eligible to become a foster carer, so if you’re wondering how fostering works and what you can expect, you can find the answers here.

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common questions

What is fostering like and what is a foster carer’s role exactly? Find the answers here.

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why foster with us?

Fostering is a powerful way to help future generations learn, grow and establish relationships for the rest of their lives. It gives back to your community in a way you don’t expect and makes a difference to a child or children in a way you wouldn’t expect, either.

We provide all our foster carers with expert training, dedicated support and financial allowances throughout their time with us. Find out more here.

how it works

How do you start your journey towards becoming a foster carer and what can you expect? Read more, here.

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the process

Want to start your fostering journey? Find out how you can take the first step with us today

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support and rewards

However you need us, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. We offer advice for whenever you need it, and so much more.

what we offer

It’s easier than you think to become a foster carer in Blaenau Gwent. If you’re wondering how to get started, simply get in touch with us today.

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