Learning and Development at Foster Wales Blaenau-Gwent

Learning and Development at Foster Wales Blaenau-Gwent

Ensuring that foster carers have access to relevant Learning and Development at Foster Wales Blaenua-Gwent is essential. Foster carers are vital to keeping looked after children safe and helping them to achieve their potential.

At Foster Wales Blaenau-Gwent we provide learning and development that aims to support and empower our foster carers, to keep children safe and help build the brightest possible futures for local children. We take the time and offer the expertise to help build on those basics, to give you all the tools you need.

What Learning and Development training will I receive?

Learning and growth are a vital part of what we offer and we’ll continue to help both you and the children in your care develop.

Our team at Foster Wales Blaenau-Gwent will provide you with an individual personal learning record and development plan, to help you track your journey, record valuable and transferable skills and identify future learning needs. It will also provide excellent insight for your own personal development.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn how we work collectively, the framework that help guide what we do, and how to be the best you can be. With training courses and qualifications, you’ll never feel like you’re standing still.

When you’ll learn

We’re flexible, and that includes our learning and development framework. You’ll have access to varied learning opportunities at times that suit you. It’s not about ticking a box; it’s about growing every day. Some skills are general; some are more suited to a the needs of a particular child or yourself. We’ll give you whatever training and support you need, whenever you need it.

Hear from foster carers across Gwent about their Learning and Development journey

‘I feel part of a whole team that works well together.  I have good links with birth family, social worker and school and we all focus on the young person.  Good communication and respect is underneath this.’

‘I have excellent communication with my foster child’s school we are always on the same page and fostering social worker is excellent.’

‘I am never reluctant to phone school and share difficulties, there is never any judgement just support.’

‘There is far better access to services now than previously’

‘We had weekly check-ins with the social worker all the way through lockdown, this was a huge support for us.’

‘Our supporting social worker is excellent, a huge support to us.’

“The masterclasses were really good, I really enjoyed. It was a real mix up of different speakers and content to keep you interested”

“I enjoyed the wellbeing masterclass, it was really interesting”

Learning and Development at Foster Wales Blaenau-Gwent

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