5 ways to save money on back-to-school shopping

The cost-of-living crisis has added to the regular pressure that parents experience at this time of the year. With budgets tighter than ever, it’s good to have a couple of money-saving tricks up your sleeve. 

Try our tips for saving money on your children’s school items, as you can be surprised how much it helps to plan ahead.

Prepare a shopping list.

Before starting back-to-school shopping, it’s worth making a list of the necessary things your children need. That way, you can tick items off as and when they are on offer and avoid buying out of impulse. It can also be helpful to audit your children’s wardrobes and cupboards before going shopping, as you may find items that can be reused.

Can you buy a second hand?

Many parents feel pressured to buy brand new items, with 25% saying that the pressure comes from their children, while 34% said they were worried about their children being picked on or bullied.

Children grow fast, and many of their school items might not be useful to them anymore, even though they are still in good condition. Instead of throwing them away, it is a good idea to give old items away and help other parents in your local community. Parents can give and find unwanted school items on a platform like OLIO, which connects local neighbours so that they can give away things they don’t need.

Alternatively, you can check out Facebook Marketplace in your area or popping into your local charity shops – you never know what you might find. 

Buying second-hand items is beneficial not only for your wallet but also encourages green living and teaches your children that reusing helps the planet and limits unnecessary waste.

Browse for bargains online.

It is well known that buying online can save you money. It’s easier to compare deals and look for the best prices without the added stress of queuing and rushing around the shops. Make sure you are following the previously prepared shopping list. This way you can stay organised, save time and buy only what you really need. 

Are you eligible for financial support?

It’s always worth checking whether you can be eligible for any support from your local council towards the cost of school uniforms or PE kits. More information can be found here.

Additionally, did you know that HMRC can help with childcare costs? Find more information here.

Buy refurbished technology.

Whether you are thinking of getting a new phone for your child, or they need a laptop or tablet, you can potentially save a substantial amount of money by buying a refurbished model. In addition to that, you also opt for a greener choice – it’s a win-win. Before you buy, sure items item comes with a decent warranty. It’s worth checking if you can get a refurbished device directly from the manufacturer, as quite a few of the big names offer this service. Alternatively, browse eBay which offers nearly new technology deals.

We hope you found this article helpful. Good luck with your back-to-school preparation!

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